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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Better Goals costs $39 per month for one team. If you are approved, you can pay for this through your NDIS funding.

You can cancel anytime, we will never lock you into a contract

Yes, you can use it for free for until your next NDIS plan before deciding if it’s right for you. You can also cancel anytime after you sign up.


Only you and your team can see your Better Goals profile. What you add to Better Goals will never be something the general public can see. For example, you can’t accidentally publicly share a photo when you add it to Better Goals.

Your Better Goals team is closed to the people you invite only. People can’t request to be part of your team, so you can’t accidentally become friends with or add someone unsafe.

You own everything that is added to your Better Goals team.

We respect your privacy and keep your information safe. We will never sell or share your Better Goals information or anything you upload without your permission.

Better Goals acts like an app but you don’t actually download it from an app store.

You get Better Goals by filling out the contact form on our website by pressing the ‘Contact us’ button below.

Ready to get started?

Better Goals works on any mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Of course we are available to answer technical questions.

If you would like 1-1 support to set up and use Better Goals on a regular basis you will need to use your NDIS funding. Your regular service provider will normally do this with you.

Yes, you should only invite people to your team that you want to share what you are up to with.

You can remove team members at anytime.

Right now your team can see everything in Better Goals except signup details like your password.

We are adding permissions so you can decide exactly who sees what.

In 2019 we will be introducing goals tracking to Better Goals. You will be able to link your activities to your NDIS goals and get reports on your progress.

Better Goals is not a self-management platform that you can use to track funding. For that we recommend Plan Tracker.

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