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Be in control of your day

Increase your independence, get more out of your supports and achieve your goals.

What can Better Goals do for you?

The Better Goals picture calendar helps you plan and manage your day independently.

With photo and video guides, you can follow your routines with less support, or make sure that your supports know exactly what you like.

You can improve communication by sharing photos, videos, ratings and notes of what you have been up to and what you thought of it.

We send you personalised reports to help you:

– see what is working for you
– speak up about what is not working
– prepare for your next NDIS plan review.

Better Goals can help you take control and achieve your goals!

How it works

Start a team

Create your team including family, friends and supports. Your team helps you use Better Goals.

Personalise your profile

Add your routines and what is important to you using photos, videos and notes.

Add your activities

 Add activities to your picture calendar, with photos, reminders and details like what to pack.

Capture your day

Take photos and videos, add ratings or notes and share them with your personal team.

Get weekly snapshots

We send you reports of what you have been up to, what you liked the most and what has not been great.

Be NDIS ready

Easily prepare for your next NDIS plan with insightful annual reports from Better Goals.

Signing up to Better Goals

Better Goals is NDIS registered so you can ask for Better Goals to be included in your NDIS plan.

If it is approved the government will pay for Better Goals. There will be $0 cost for you – great!

Better Goals costs $39 per month for one team. Everyone gets a free trial of Better Goals until their next NDIS plan starts.

We can give you a letter for your LAC or planner that explains what Better Goals is and how to include it in your NDIS plan.

We use Service Agreements and handle invoices just like any other service provider that you use.

But you don’t have to have an NDIS plan to get Better Goals. Anyone can get Better Goals.

Better Goals and your other supports

Lots of people ask their regular support provider to use Better Goals as part of their service.

They get their support provider to:

– help them set up Better Goals

– add support sessions to their calendar

– share photos, videos and shift notes from support workers

– review reports on what is working for you and what is not.

We have partnered with many service providers. We make it easy for them to deliver great quality support using Better Goals.

If your service provider is not one of our partners yet, just let us know and we will get in touch with them.

Want to get started with Better Goals?

Contact us here and we will get in touch shortly to help.