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Better Goals makes your job easier

We drive independence, communication in support and outcomes in people lives.

What can Better Goals do for you?

– Increase efficiency in scheduling with clients and families

– Improve communication between staff, clients and families

– Embed accessibility and ‘nothing about us, without us’ values

– Provide intelligent insights to design effective programs

– Drive independence and outcomes for your clients!

How it works

Our success depends on making it easier for you to deliver high quality support

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We create a Better Goals profile for each of your clients and staff.

Personalised profiles

Staff, clients and families personalise with videos and photos on how to best provide support.

Efficient support bookings

We sync your service bookings with Better Goals calendars. Clients receive reminders and check-in on arrival.

Interactive shift notes

Staff and clients add photos, videos, ratings and notes. Notes are synced with your CMS.

Communication in support

Staff access interactive handover snapshots on the go. Families see the great support provided.

Intelligent insights

We provide insights into client happiness and program outcomes.

CMS integration

Better Goals is designed to complement your client management system, not replace it.

Whilst there is likely some functional crossover with your CMS, Better Goals is designed to complement your existing system, not replace it.

We address this crossover through smooth, accurate syncing of data. Where automatic syncing is not possible, we can do the heavy lifting of integrating data for you. For example, we can sync shift notes recorded in Better Goals into your CMS for you.

This means that you and your clients get all the benefits of Better Goals without any major disruption to your current system.

We know that not all your clients will use Better Goals, so Better Goals is designed to remain effective for your organisation even where a client is not engaged.

For example, choosing Better Goals to record shift notes improves internal communication by enabling our interactive handover snapshots and business intelligence reporting.


Better Goals is FREE for our service provider affiliates.

You also keep 100% of all hands on user support revenue.

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